MIT App Inventor App for ios

Sorry, i know that there is many topics about this subject..

I have built the apps for Android with MIT App Inventor but now i would like to have it also for ios, is it possible? I cant use another programs.. Iam working more in field of automation not for App developing..

Thanks in advance!

It is possible, but for iOS, extensions cannot be used (Apple policy).

С помощью какой программы?

Ok, Iam not using the extensions on my Apps, how can i built the same app what i have used for Android to ios?

The build infrastructure for iOS apps is not publicly available. We are offering it to a small number of individuals as we work out any issues. As we become more confident in the architecture we will be opening it up to more people, with the goal of an eventual public release.

Ok, Thats bad, I could be the one :slight_smile:

The recent App Inventor for iOS progress has been phenomenal, but it is very difficult to satisfy Apple's rules - who knows, that might be because App Inventor was originally defined by Google for Android - bit of company rivalry there!