Mit App Inventor Aplication with BLE and Andriod 12

Hi, i have problems with creating basic app which will be able to connect to my BLE device, i am using Andriod 12 Smartphone. My device is ESP32 which is configured as BLE server with custom characteristic.

I tried different BLE extensions or ways to get permissions via app. Nothing made my connenction really work. But what is intresting, apps like "BLE terminal", "nRF Connect" or "BLE Scanner" are able to establish connection and even exchage data with my custom characteristics. (My characteristics are custom, randomly generated via some dedicated webiste generator).

It seems that my connection gets timeouted (reason argument of BluettothConnectionfailed function). But i'm not completely sure is that happening everytime.

I also include ss of my block code and .apk file. Hope that somebody resolved this problem.

ESP32_TestApp.aia (190.0 KB)

Thanks in advance!