Mit app direct sms block not working on samsung z flip, s21 fe and a21

hi i have created an sms app to communicate with a tracking unit, i have a hauwei p50 and the app works perfectly but when i installed it on samsung i get a genric failure message not sent. I am using direct send message block. But i noticed that google play is blocking the app permissions how to i get past this.

If i post this app to the play store will that fix the issue?

From the documentation:


Send a text message. Using this block will add dangerous permissions that will require additional approval if your app is submitted to the Google Play Store.

It is unlikely that Google Play will approve your use of this dangerous permission, but you can try.

how do i get past this? The app will be useless if the user is not able to send an sms directly from the app

see here Use of SMS or Call Log permission groups - Play Console Help

If you believe your app meets the policy requirements for acceptable use or is eligible for an exception, you must declare any Call Log or SMS permissions directly through Play Console.