MIT AI2 Companion v2.59 don't save the assets of the apps

Today I wanted to test an application with an inventor app and an SQLite database.
When I wanted to make the query to the database, I was surprised that the database file does not exist.
I am going to see the "App Inventor" folder using my file explorer and effectively there is no database or any image that I use for the project. This only happened with the latest MIT AI2 Companion update. With the previous version I had no problems.
I hope you can fix the bug.

Are the files (database/images) present in your media folder in the designer/block editor ?
How are you using the companion and which version Android on your device?

Yes. All the images and the database. Here is the image where I show it:

I used the qr code in Companion to start running the app.
My android version is: 10

I downloaded version 2.58a of MIT AI2 Companion and with this if it works correctly.

The error only has version 2.59.

I believe you are suffering from the same problem we all are with Android 10 devices, due to the changes made in the update. The files will be there, just not where you expect them to be!!

See some of the most recent posts on the forum for some ideas.

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I'll see what I can find. At the moment I will continue to use version 2.58a of MIT AI2 Companion.
Thanks for the help.

It's not a bug. From Android 10 onward we will now be storing companion assets/files in the app-specific directory for the companion. In most cases, this will be /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/

With version 2.59 it did not appear in that place either. When 2.60 came out, the problem was solved.