MIT ai2 companion not scanning app from MIT app inventor

My app on MIT app inventor is not connecting on my Samsung A30s android phone. Nothing happens when I am clicking Scan app code in MIT companion on my phone.

Please help with some solution

Do you have the same problem if you type the six digit code ?
Have you checked that your device is connected to the same wifi network ?

Yes same problem after entering 6 digit code. Is it necessary to connect to same Wi-Fi network .On my other mobile I am able to connect without Wi-Fi on my mobile. My laptop is on Wi-Fi

It is necessary to be on the same network

For further refernce Click here

Without Wi-Fi can it work on mobile data and computer connected on hot-spot.?

Yes, it has worked for me(mobile data, and same mobile's hotspot)

Which means that the device and the computer are on the same wifi network :wink:

It's not working for me. Any solution

Not on Wi-Fi but same mobile data