MIT AI2 Companion App

Good Day,

I am not getting to run my app using the AI Companion and the MIT AI2 Companion App.

It is loading and then it disconnects in a second or so every time I try to run the app.

Is there a problem with the app??

Hey, did you turn on Use Legacy Connection?
recommended via WiFi

how many screens does the app have?
how many assets did you upload in the media section of the app and how large are these files?
did you try a very simple project?


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No I did not. I am new to building apps. But I did simple apps already and I was able to run them using the AI2 Companion app.
Plus my desktop has a hard connection to the internet and my phone is WiFi

Hi. The app is the simple Mole Mash app. It has 1 screen and 2 media files. It was running before. But within the last 3 days it is showing as if loading and then disconnecting immediately after.

have you enabled it before connecting ?