Missing Projects?

I used App Inventor quite a bit in the past and wrote many apps. I just logged into my account today after a long absence and I see none of my projects. I am not sure why my app projects are missing. Can someone please advise.
Thank you

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Another project missing problem.

Please do something to stop these bugs.

No need to tag one of the developers again. The topic was already assigned to one of them by a Power User.

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How do I know if this is done ?

This is likely not a bug. App Inventor identifies users by their email address as reported to us by Google. If someone changes the email address associated with their account in some way, then we see a new email address and it is treated as a new account. We have a mechanism to migrate accounts from one account to another, but we cannot divine that someone changed the email associated with their account.


Power Users follow the community closely. If they see something that needs the attention of the developers they will assign it to one of the developers. Most of the time they will let the OP know in the topic that they have done that.

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This was my fault as I did not realize that I had chosen the incorrect gmail address associated with my projects. When I using the correct one I found all my projects intact. Thank you!

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