Missing (?) overlayed buttons on Map component and rotating/orienting the Map

Placing a Map on the designer shows 3 overlayed buttons on the left side to lock the map, move the center of the map to the current view and reset the bounding box. But when my app is running I do not see these buttons and I am not able to display them so I think I am missing the correct setup. I enabled almost everything, the compass, distance, unit of measure and so on.
The second thing I would like to do is orienting the map to what the user looks in front of him. I tryed with the orientation sensor but it returns too variable data at least on my phones. Does make sense to compute the angle between some points to derive the travel direction and then rotate the map? In my case the user is always walking so using the bearing functions of the GPS, if it would be possible to read the bearing, should not be so accurate because the low speed of a walking man.

Those buttons are only there to facilitate interacting with the map in the designer. The top button locks the map so that a drag gesture moves the component relative to other components on the screen, rather than panning the map. The second button is used to set the Latitude, Longitude, and ZoomLevel based on the map's current position in the viewer. The third button resets the map view to match the Latitude, Longitude, and ZoomLevel specified in the properties.

Unfortunately not all device implementations provide the bearing in the GPS data so we haven't provided a block for this. You could make use of a Marker and its BearingToPoint method to get a rough idea of the current bearing of travel. You could consider doing a moving average to smooth out the values a bit.

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