Missing is a number? block


just recently taken up trying to program in app inventor 2 the course work i am working from says there should be an “is a Number?” block in the maths section and so does your online help menu.

as this now been removed or is it in a different section?

The Block exists

Is your BlocksTookit set to All?


It needs to be set to All in order to see all the tools. This might be your issue Mike.

You mean this block?


Thank you Steve and Peter for your replies

yes this is the block in my old book from a couple of years ago it is a separate block and and this is also showing in the help as something different with only one option. It looks like they have added extra functionality to the block. this is what confused me as the help and the block are different.
i have tried this and it works as the tutorial describes.

Thanks Mike

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Great that it is working. Yes they added extra functionality.

In your tutorial it is this block i guess.

Hi Peter

yes it is
working through a few examples and the blocks have change the appearance but the function is the same
such as the logic an AND block is now next to each other where in my text book they ae placed under each other.

the book as set on the shelf for four years waiting to be opened again so using the spare time i have now to go through it.

You can change the appearance of the blocks. See the gif.

Peek 2020-04-30 17-33

Hi Peter

That’s excellent thank you for your help and this tip i will put it to use on my next tutorial.


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I know that the toolbox is so big, it can be hard to find the blocks you want. If you ever have this problem in the future, there is a way to search for blocks. Just click the background of the workspace, and then start typing:

It doesn’t always find the block you want, but it can be really helpful!

Thanks BeksOmega

That tip will come in handy

Thanks Mike

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