Missing first Bytes Bluetooth LE UART

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to make an app that shows the content of an BLE UART String. Everything works fine, but I miss the first strings after "register for bytes". When I use a general Bluetooth client app, I can see, that there will be sent a few strings in a short time period after register for the service. Not so with my App inventor app.
When I trigger a reconnection through a power cycle I get these first bytes, but when I disconnect and reconnect manually they are missing again.

Any idea what I could do? Perhaps there is a method to disconnect, leaving the reconnect function on?

Why do you clear the global list of decimal byte values before appending the incoming bytes list to it?

That should only be done in a separate process that responds to the incoming data stream, after a suitable end of message has been received.

You two global lists(...hex AND ...dez) are not in synchronization here.
There's no point in testing ...HEX if it has not yet been updated from ...DEZ.

Look in the Math Blocks Pallette for hex constant blocks you can use to directly test your ...DEZ list, without the need for a separate list.

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