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I have a question; why can't I see a scrollbar in the Viewer? I can't scroll down if the page is too long. I just make big sections "hidden" for a while and then I have to remember to unhide them. Is this a general thing or is it just my browser? (Firefox on Linux) Screenshot:

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That green line is supposed to be a scrollbar placeholder, right? It can't be "just a green line" there.

Set temporarily Screen to Scrollable in order to work with design

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Thank you, I hadn't seen that. I relied on ScrollArrangement lol Thanks again Don't know how I missed that
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...You can also temporarily increase the size of the view:


..... and see my website for more tips:


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ChrisWard come faccio a far visualizzare nel mio progetto, la barra "Android 5+ Devices (Android Material)?

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You will have to go to the Screen Properties, then in the Property panel (maybe at the bottom), select 'Device Default' in the setting 'Theme'.


Are you using http://code.appinventor.mit.edu/ ? If yes there is no such option, use http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/ instead


Grazie per aver risolto la mia curiositΓ .


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