Mini menu on Tablet fails

LOVE ai2!

On Android
When I'm in Blocks
I hold down/long press a block (equal to Right-Click on a PC)
the mini menu that pops up fails.
It's often just a couple of pixels wide box.

Sometimes it does work. Not sure why.

I use it frequently, like duplicating blocks,
so would love to see it working more consistently.

Thanks, Girt

Tested on -
Samsung Tab S6
Samsung Note 20 phone
Other Android tablet

App Inventor is made to work from a PC, not a tablet. So you could encounter things that don't work. What browser are you using on your tablet?

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This issue is common for mobile users. App Inventor is supposed to be developed with a PC, not a mobile device. Mobile devices are meant for testing and installing apps.

Hi. Thanks for the reply.
I use Chrome

Good to know Ai2 teams focus.
I'm glad for what I have.
I hope they can enlarge to team to include mobile.
I'm sure it's a lot of (unpaid) labor.

The same issue occurs on my Win11 PC if I use the touch screen.
Also with Chrome.

Tested on Samsung Browser as well, same behavior.