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this is not about a bug more about a suggestion.
Ever since I use MIT App Inventor I have the problem,that after 5-10 changes made in designer mode (which requires the screen to be updated) I lose connection to MIT.This is a bit annoying - to say the least.
When it happens I have to reset the connection to be able to reconnect via the Android App.I want to speed this a little bit up.As soon as I start the MIT Android App I would like to see the App instantly activating the camera to be ready to scan the QRcode without having to press the appropriate button.I know this sounds ridiculous but I am telling you it is indeed annoying(especially when you have a cat sitting on your lap) as I often have already moved the smartphone towards the laptop to scan the code only to realize that I forgot to push the scanning button.How many users are there anyway to type in a code instead of using the scanner?
To make a long and boring story short:
Please give the user the option - via checkbox on the Android App if he/she wants to scan immediately or typing in a code.
I guess it will never be implemented but after all the frustration I just had to write something...

  1. Put the cat down ( to the floor!) first....
  2. Many people type in the code, also necessary when using an emulator on the same computer
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Usually this happens if the Android device goes to sleep as it can power down the Wifi to reduce battery consumption, which disrupts the connection. Something we have implemented on the iOS side is to effectively keep the screen on while the companion is open to prevent sleeping. We might be able to implement something similar for the Android companion.

Putting the cat down to the floor is impossible - he immediately jumps right back causing even more chaos....
Ok - I thought so that typing the code is still necessary but didn't know what for.Nevertheless I would like to have the option to scan the QRcode right away after opening the MIT App.
You are an experienced user - maybe you could forward my suggestion to the ones who are developing the App.In the end it would be their decision if it is worthwhile or not implementing such an opttion
thanks for your reply

Hi !
When I make changes to the design I often do it in one go.So within a minute or so,I rearrange buttons,change contents of textfields etc.My device rarely goes into sleepmode and if so only after 10 minutes.This is the setting I chose myself for this specific "delevoper smartphone" It's an older device (Samsung Galaxy S5mini Android 6).It is extremely handy to use it for(my) App development.But the same problem happens to a Huawei Smartphone with Android 8.This smartphone is extremely fast.My Internet connection is constant without any hickups and the speed of 6Mbit/s should be more than enough for the purpose of developing apps.
I tried some stuff without success and just put with it.When creating a new app I actually only create the layout on the laptop which is not ideal but better than constantly getting disconnected.After writing the code I then fine tune the layout on the smartphone.