Migrating through different App Inventor distributions

sometimes i want to use a component that is not available in mit app inventor 2 so i want to complete my project through thunkable .
i uploaded my aia file and the keystore but when packaging app it gives an error “Error generating Yail for screen 5658738206179328_Screen1: : Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined. Please fix and try packaging again.”
in addition to that thunkable live is not showing my buttons and labels clearly

You should start and finish in the same distribution, they are different, have different features and requirements, especially Thunkable X

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no i am using classic thunkable

With a few exceptions, other versions of App Inventor are NOT COMPATIBLE with App Inventor 2.

When a developer creates with AI2 then loads to Thunkable (or other versions of AI), the developer can no longer return to AI2. Using the compilers like this ‘corrupts’ the code. Why? If one compiler has a tool that you need and you move the Project to AI2 (which does not have the tool). the Project is corrupted forever Mohammad. You get the error because AI2 does not have the tool you feel in love with in Thunkable. AI2 cannot compile Thunkable Projects that use controls not available in AI2’s toolbox.

If you switch AI compilers, stay with the compiler you used.

Sorry, we can not help you. Either compile/develop with AI2 or another compiler but do not use both interchangeably.

If you will use Thunkable, please ask for help in their Forum (that is what you are paying Thunkable for). Perhaps they will help you fix your app.

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I understand thank you very much

Thunkable Classic is close to being obsolete (If it already is)

You should try another distribution such as Kodular

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@Alexander what things is available there and not available in thunkable or mit app inventor?

Long time since i updated this. Kodular added a lot of components since my latest version.


Gladly I offer to edit the document

If you want a broader idea of ​​the components you can check the documentation at Kodular Docs

Or also consult in Kodular Community (Remember to search before asking) :mag:

Although the easiest is to directly access the Creator :wink: