Microsoft’s Image Recognizer

i try to use the extension : Microsoft’s Image Recognizer but every time i run the extension. Ai companion shut down.
Did someone arrive to use this extension ?
I've set an APIKEY from :
thanks a lot

Sorry Karl, that extension probably only works with Thunkable. It probably does not work with App Inventor 2

See .

Did you try it with Thunkable?

You might try something similar with the Microsoft Image Recognizer using AI2 using this advice

So i try thunkable but there is no responde
i try the extension Makeblock's CamVision extension
i think that i need a makeblock camera because i don't activate the camera of the tablet.
Thanks for you're reply.

you can use look extension Image Recognizer and works all platforms

but "look" isn't compatible with my tablet.
so i try the extension "personnal image classifier" but i always have an error -1 with this extension. (i make a post on this)
after i try the "OCR" extension but the extension don't work with AI companion.

I'm teacher and i would like to make an APP with Ai companion with IA
i've also try learningmachineforkid but we can train very few picture (100) and i've always strange reponse with a confidence below 5%