Microsoft Graph API


can I use Microsoft Graph API with App Inventor? Is it the same as connecting to any other API?


Do you mean something like GraphQL? We did explore implementing GraphQL in App Inventor directly (that functionality eventually made its way into Punya), but it was not merged. At a minimum, you can definitely use any HTTP-enabled API using the Web component, its just that the complexity is a bit high since you have to construct the request objects yourself.

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Thanks for the fast reply.


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yes you can, as it is a RESTful API... just use the web component...


That's great. Many thanks for your help as always.

is there a sample available?

Up to now unfortunately not
You could be the one to prepare an example...

It will be a little bit more advanced...
You need to know how to work with the web component
Here is an example for Dropbox 404 Not Found | Pura Vida Apps

In your case the first step is to get authorization

Authorization and scopes

You can use the Azure AD v.2 endpoint to authenticate Excel APIs. All APIs require the Authorization: Bearer {access-token} HTTP header.

One of the following permission scopes is required to use the Excel resource:

  • Files.Read (for read actions)
  • Files.ReadWrite (for read and write actions)

Good luck! Let us know about your progress