Microphone and Camera Permission Not Work - Already Try CustomWebViewer

Hello, I need help and solution for my web.

I already try and read this forum Can i get Camera access using CustomWebView Extension - #41 by Nisarga_Adhikary

And when using https://community.appinventor.mit.edu/uploads/short-url/jk8vw2OTVjK5M6Ui20LFGYaLtUN.aia

This when im using that aia, it work fine

But when i go to my web this happen

And this how it should work, using chrome

You can try it at : https://virtus.sintesi.id

database : Virtus_SIT_01_Demo_Me2
username : testinguser
password : testing

Please help, thank you

Try using this aia:

oh its work for camera, thanks a lot.

but for microphone still not work.

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Ask for android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO permission and see if it works.

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still not work. Or i need to build it to apk and try permission from phone ?

You can try in apk.

oh yess, this work.. thanks a lott.. Can im asking 1 more ? how to get permission for gps or location

Please check snippet 1.

This is my block, I dont have any experience in coding please help.

when compile i find this error

Debug blocks under Permission Granted event.
Find the reason why list is empty when you call remove list item block.

I try different thing but still cant work, any documentation or tutorial I can follow ?

In the Permission Granted event, that removal block should not be sitting there at the top unguarded by an empty list check.

Likewise for any other list remove blocks.

I dont understand, Can you kindly help me, please ? How i must build my block or I need to upload aia file ?

Check if list is empty or not.
Remove element only when it's not empty.

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