Microbit V1 BLE Error

Hello, please help!
There is a microbit board written by app inventor! When I tried to connect, it gives an error message-Service e95d127b-251d-470a-a062-fa1922dfa9a8, characteristic e95db9fe-251d-470a-a062-fa1922dfa9a8 are not published by the connected device.
I tried to follow the instruction Microbit BTL ERROR.However,It didn't work.
SimpleMicrobit.aix (112.5 KB)
edu.mit.appinventor.ble-20230223-beta.aix (200.0 KB)

Tell me what to do? My microbit is v1.Thousand of thanks!

Maybe you can post your .aia and the .hex file you loaded in your microbit.
And tell us what you are trying to do. I do not have a crystal bal able to guess what you want.

Here is my code.I wanted to get microbit data of pin1,but it showed error message.Please take a look and correct my mistakes.Thx a lot!

Does anyone have an microbit extention that can connect microbit to a smartphone?