Microbit Bluetooth Pin Receive Data

I am a beginner for APP Inventor and I would like to receive the signal of the PIR Infrared Motion Sensor module on the Microbit V2. What I trying but fail to do is to update the signal once the sensor is triggered. Now the PIR status change to 1 after the Bluetooth is connected and never change. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give me some suggestions.

Microbit Makecode:

Btw there is always an error when I enable my clock block.


App Inventor has a Library for Microbit v1 but it has yet to catch up with v2. I thought, OK, just use bluetooth, but having just checked, I found this:

The nRF52833 used by the micro:bit V2 has 128k of RAM, allowing Micropython to make use of the BLE stack. Currently the only implemented feature is BLE flashing, allowing a user to update the firmware on the micro:bit over Bluetooth.

I don't know how recent that statement is but if true, you could be somewhere between a rock and a hard place :upside_down_face:

For the App Inventor side, ensure you have the latest MIT BLE Extension: 20200828

So far as I know, none of my colleagues have got hold of a V2 (V1 is still very much in circulation). I'm going to assign your Topic to MIT to see if they know a little bit more.


I've reassigned this to @ellelili2025, since she is overseeing the development of the updated microbit v2 extension.

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Thanks for your response! I didn't know that was the cause of my version. I will try to get a V1 if I can't figure out the error that might be easier.

Thank you so much! I will be looking forward any updates from App Inventor team.

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