Mi nombre y apellido real aparecen en el link de descarga de la app y no quiero que esto suceda

Hello everybody, I need help, it turns out that I created an application with my Mit App Inventor's user that has my real first and last name, then I compiled it, created an account in the Google Play Store and uploaded the application. So far so good but it turns out that when someone wants to download my application my own first and last name appears in the application download link. That's why I created a new account in Mit App Inventor with a fantasy name, downloaded the application from my real account to my computer, logged in with the new fantasy account, loaded the application, compiled it, and when I wanted to load it on Google Play Store I get a notice that says: "Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Make sure it is signed with the correct signing key and try again. Your app bundle should be signed with a certificate that has the fingerprint"
Does this mean that I should upload the new version of my app from my real account? Is there anything I can do so that my first and last name do not appear in the app link?

After publishing an app, you can't change its package name anymore. Therefore you have to unpublish your app and upload your modified app as new app

Hi, @Patricio_Tello_Rolda, thereĀ“s an option in Play Developer Console, setup, transfer apps, that maybe help you.

You need to create another developer account, on which you want to transfer the app.

I've never used this, but it suppose to work.

Best luck