Mi capita un errore strano

Hello everyone,
a very strange thing happens to me .. practically when I click on BtnAccendiSpegnere:
1 - The timer is enabled
2 - It shows me the time .. but ..
3 - I don't change the image from Button_off.png to Button on.png
4 - Doesn't see me ImgFiamma.png: thinking:

what is ImgFiamma? we can't see it in the screenshot?
what do you expect to happen?
how does the Timer event look like?
btw. an image ususally does have a file extension like png or jpg, for example button_on.jpg
and to make it easier for others, before posing a screenshot you might want to switch the language to English, so others can better understand the blocks...



@Taifun, I just deleted the png files and uploaded them back to the media..and now it works. Thanks

Maybe the images didn't cache properly...?

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