Mi band and ble send_bytes

Hello to all.
I'll go straight to the point:
I want to establish a connection between appinventor and my amazfit band 5.
I succeeded and now I want to read some data, in particular I am interested in getting the alarms enabled.
To do this it is necessary to send a byte to the band and get a response with the information.
Through the nrf connect app I found the service UUID and the charachetristic UUID to which to send the bytes and through appinventor I also tried to do this.
With the WRITE_BYTES block I set service and charachetistic UUID and in the values space I entered the value I found, that is: {0x0d}.
The value sends it but I don't get any response from the band ...
What should I do, maybe I have to send it in hexadecimal?
Help me as soon as possible

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Please show your relevant blocks, this will help others to help you...

How is gone?