MFile - a modified version of Sunny's `EFile` extension - Shared folders - storage permissions - Android 11+

So for the very last time:

Read this (again?), which takes a by far less than 20 sec (20 days? :upside_down_face:).

If you then still don't understand, no one will be able to help you.

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I can not find any app in this thread

OMG, see here:



I give up understanding, I will continue to use AllFilesPermissions
Thank you all

There is also a video that explains/shows it crystal clear.

to workaround the unnecessary permissions, the file component is asking for
see also this thread, which might help to better understand the problem

this is your choice... alternatively if you do not want to use the MFile extension, you always can use the file component and live with its limitations


With File component (set to Legacy) I can save a text file in shared folders and read it, what's the limitation ?
With MFile ext I can save text file in shared folders and read it, what's the difference ?
Both cannot read files created by other apps.
Please explain me without links


Is that now finally clear enough? :wink:


It's clear now, but it doesn't seem like a big limitation to me

I can hardly believe it. :wink:

It is not only a limitation, but a bug.

It was really worth creating an extension to just overcome this bug?
Or does this extension do more?

There are app developers, who prefer to use as less permissions as necessary to not confuse their users, especially if it is not required to ask for some permissions...

And there are other developers, who do not care... you seem to belong to the second group... and this is also fine...

However be prepared for users, who will ask themselves, why your app is asking for read/write storage permissions... these users might think, your app is doing something suspicious and probably will delete it therefore...

See also App permissions best practices  |  Android Developers

Increased situational context

Users are prompted at runtime, in the context of your app, for permission to access the functionality covered by those permission groups. Users are more sensitive to the context in which the permission is requested, and if there’s a mismatch between what you are requesting and the purpose of your app, it's even more important to provide detailed explanation to the user as to why you’re requesting the permission. Whenever possible, you should provide an explanation of your request both at the time of the request and in a follow-up dialog if the user denies the request.

To increase the likelihood of a permission request being accepted, only prompt when a specific feature is required. For instance, only prompt for microphone access when a user clicks on the microphone button. Users are more likely to allow a permission that they are expecting.


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Absolutely, because avoiding permissions whenever possible is one of the most important requirements for a successful app. Not only my users and I see it that way, but actually everyone.

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Now I get it. Why didn't you give me these answers 30 posts ago?

Seriously? This was already told in post 1.


Yes, I know, but I am an amateur, i'm developing for myself, it was not very important for me.

MFile can also be used for Android 10 and below?

See post #1:

Thanks Anke
You could have just replied 'no'.....

I do not understand. The answer is of course YES.