Messaggio: "L'app MIT AI2 Companion no.."

Buonasera a tutti,
usando una app da me creata in test mi capita di ricevere in messaggio "L'app MIT AI2 Companion no.." con due tasti opzione ATTEDI e OK. Cosa significa ? Come posso rintracciare il motivo e risolverlo ?
Grazie per l'attenzione

Cela signifie que l'application ne réponds plus si vous avez ce message :

(Remplacez System UI par le nom de votre application)


avez Vous, Nico, une solution a cette problem ?

And what can i do to solve this problem ?

it looks like you have issues with the companion app
you might want to explain a little bit about your project... also upload it into and post a screenshot of the result screen so we can see some statistics about your project
what happens, if you build your app and run it as apk file?


I uploaded it into but seems all is good.
I made the apk file and run it: the program made the same problem.
Now I will controll if there is an infinite loop.