Message in audio: Hide text in audio files

An extension that as the ability to hide text messages in an audio file without worsening the quality of the audio and read the text back.

The changes that extension makes to the audio file is not noticeable even the size doesn't change at all.
An extension completely made by me. You can also call this a mini version of Steganography in a very different way.



The event raised when the audio encoding is finished. key is a string which is needed to decode the message properly. It contains the data which is needed for the decoder to understand in which way it's encoded.


The event raised when the message decoding from the audio is finished. message is the value which is decoded. If you have any characters which should be not there as said above, there are chances that data corruption may happen.


Encode text message into the audio. It's better to provide the audio file which is uncompressed. The encoder can put like maybe 60 characters into 0.4 seconds audio.


Decode the text message from the encoded audio file. The key here provided should be in the format of base 64.


Do NOT republish the extension until it's necessary to do.

AudioM - Extension

If you have found any bugs or issues the please let me know.



I wonder how make too great extensions fastly but, anyways. Good Work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :wink:


Actually, it was completed 2 days ago. Just made it compatible with android :sweat_smile:. Thanks!

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It means you are equivalent to Flash in java. Carry on the Good Work :wink:


so is it like converting text to audio?

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No it's not like that. You give an audio file to the encoder which encodes or hides the text in audio file. Which can be only decoded back using the decoder.

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oh great!!!

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Somethink like this?


Yes, little same. Here you give a text and not paint :sweat_smile: input to an existing audio file. (MP3) The encoder encodes it with the text.


Update 1.1

  • Now you can encode any type of text including non-English characters, space, and special characters
  • Minor changes done

com.kumaraswamy.audioM.aix (11.0 KB)


Can I ask why use an audio file? Wouldn't an image file be better, given that most projects have more than one image?


No, sorry. Just made the extension. Because the idea came into mind (using a very simple method of encoding). Yes, the most projects has the image, but it's a bit difficult to do. Just used my own way. :sweat_smile: Sorry. I can do it for the image too, need some more understanding of how "image-stenography" really works.

I understand that it's something like id3 tags in mp3 files?

Sorry, didn't get you...? :thinking:

You know what an mp3 music file is? Did you know that mp3 files contain tags called "id3"? It is a text that includes a title, artist, album etc. So I am asking if this extension is something like writing tags in mp3 files?

No, actually it doesn't change any tags or audio details. Please see the next post I do.

One more question. Can the encoded audio file be played normally in the player?

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How the extension really works is by changes some BYTES in the file and replace them with the text BITS with some changes done. The key is generated which contains the values to know the method or how to properly decode them. This is how it works.

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Yes, they can be played normally. Make sure you don't dump large amount of data. :sweat_smile:. Else maybe some problems may occur while playing it. The decoder can extract the text without problem of corruption.

what will happen if the file will be compressed