Mesaje de error de App

Hola, hace poco me he comprado un movil nuevo y ha comenzado a salirme este mensaje, la App funciona perfecta pero no para de salir este mensaje, hay alguna forma de eliminarlo, gracias.

Hello, I recently bought a new mobile and this message has started to appear, the App works perfectly but this message does not stop appearing, is there a way to eliminate it, thank you.

what's the meaning of the image? we can not translate a image.

Have you found out which block cause this?

The meaning of the image is:
The app does not respond
close application

I don't know what block can cause this message, let me tell you that the App connects via bluetooch

  • close application
  • wait

This means that your application Maxislot85 keeps crashing, probably some form of memory overload.

You may want to check if screens are being switched correctly if you have multiple screens.

Indeed, I think it is due to overload, but the app continues to work perfectly, this message did not appear on the oldest mobile, can this message be eliminated using blocks?

I press on "Wait" the message is deleted and the app works correctly, even at no time is it blocked and in a few moments the message comes out again

Does this happen when you start / open the app, or during use (at which point) ?

When I try to pair by bluetooch when the message starts to come out

So look there (debug) for a problem - not connecting in time for the next action ?

Apparently the problem has been fixed, I have gone to Settings, Notifications, Popup notification style and deactivated the option

Would it be solved?

This may work, but you may still have an underlying problem with your app, and every user may have to make this adjustment in their settings. Not very practical.

My guess is, that you are asking for a bluetooth connection too quickly, hence the crash message, then it resolves itself / or maybe not....

Despues de la solicitud de conexión continua saliendo el mensaje, la verdad que si que es engorroso, se podria solucionar por bloques?, la solicitud que realizo es normal, hay muchos ejemplos de como hacerlo, ya digo que en el movil antiguo no salia el mensaje, solo en este movil nuevo.

After the connection request the message continues to appear, the truth is that it is cumbersome, could it be solved by blocks? The request I make is normal, there are many examples of how to do it, I already said that the old mobile did not show the message, only on this new mobile.

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

To get an image of your blocks, right click in the Blocks Editor and select "Download Blocks as Image". You might want to use an image editor to crop etc. if required. Then post it here in the community.


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Hello everyone again, and thanks for your help, these are the blocks I use to connect via bluetooch, after testing today I can give you more information.

Disabling popup notifications does not solve anything, the message that the app is not responding keeps coming out

When I click on the device that I want to connect via bluetooth, if the pairing takes a few seconds, the error message begins to appear.

However, if it connects quickly to the other device, the error message does not appear

Although the two devices have connected perfectly via bluetooch, and I have removed the error message by clicking on "wait", the app works perfectly but the message does not stop coming out

It does not happen in all mobiles, in the previous mobile it worked perfectly without getting the error

The error message only appears when the App tries to connect via bluetooch with the other device, if the connection is fast the message DOES NOT appear, if it takes a while the error message appears

The App has been working perfectly for 2 years

Finally, the error is not from the App, the App works perfectly, the problem is an Android error or rather the Galaxy A13 SM-A137F/DSN mobile

If you see the error message, even if you click on "Wait", after a moment it comes out again, it is always coming out if the bluetooch connection has not been fast, even closing the App the message continues to come out.