Merging some lists with different length

Hello.I'm here again.I have ten lists with one item(type of each item is picture) and ten lists with five items (type of each item is text). How can I merge lists one by one(list1 to list1 , list2 to list 2 ,...) and make ten lists with six items , no manually but automatically?Thanks for your help.

Make two lists of each of the ten items
Iterate over one list (for each item), make a new list with that item, and add the corresponding item from the other list using the index of the item from the first list.

Assumes you have your two lists in the correct order

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You Said that I must make a list of all ten lists which have one item.This mean that at least I have a list of lists and I must do it for lists which have five items.Have can I make these lists automatically? Have can I reach to each list to add it to the list I must make first?I means that for instance in FOR LOOP I can reach each number very easy but I can't reach to each list to add it to a new list.This is my problem.

something like this?


Yes.But I mean that is there a procedure to call the lists automatically to join together?I mean that is there a code that I don't have to add them manually in code of button1? For instance a code such for "list1 to list10 add items" .Has AI2 this ability to point to List Variables directly?

For instance I have 100 lists which must to be added to a TinyDB .How can I do this automatically?

Where are those Lists? Stored internally to the App or Externally? If External, are they on the phone or in the cloud?

Moosa, you need to frame your questions more accurately, and reduce your expectation that an App can be created with a magic wand and not coded. TimAI2 has taken the time to give you a very good example.

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My lists are on the phone.They are created as variables in Block environment on AI2.Thank you for all you leave for me.

I was thinking about solution of my problem and I understood that Dictionary should be the tool which will help me.Is it true?Or not?

Using dictionaries is possible, but will probably over-complicate what can be done with lists alone.

I've read this thread from top to bottom, and I haven't found any mention of what the list items mean, and what list membership means.

When I hear 100 lists, that tells me some data modelling is needed here.

So please describe your data.

I have some pictures.For instance 10 pictures and 10 lists that contain Name of each picture as text and Description of each picture as text.The Name and Description are tow items of each list.I want to join each picture to its Name and Description.It means that I want to have 10 list with 3 items: a picture, its name and its Description.It was easy if I had the low number of pictures but with 100 picture it is hard.I want to do this joining automatically.Have I to convert the pictures to 100 lists that have one item or not?I hope that my description of my problem be clear.Thanks.

Slightly different approach, but close to expected solution,

PS: I just used 5 items, you can add/adapt to 10 elements list.

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