Merge an image over another

Hello, I have a project where I would like to create a new image of one image over another. Basically I want one of them to be at the top of the other and I want to create a new picture of it. I couldnt find any solution to this, if there is any extentions could you please help me?

More info about the project:
I want to design a "room" to my "character". The stuff in the room will be choen by the player since there is a lot of options for one kind of appliance. For example there will be red yellow and green carpet and the player will choose one of them. So I want to stick the image of the room and the chosen carpet to each other.

If there is any alternative ideas to this project, I will be glad to hear it.

See this extension by Taifun;
Extensions: Image
It has an overlay function

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This might also be done as a list of Sprites on a Canvas, augmented by some controls to select individual Sprites, move them, change their Z (front-back) values, switch their picture files, and finally save a Canvas snapshot with all the images, or a CSV table of all the Sprite settings if you want to recreate it all later for editting.

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oh my god! I totally forgot that I had asked you guys! thank you so much, you both helped <3