Menus not working

I cannot access the tutorials, lessons etc from the help menu. What's up with that?

Can you get to here?:

if I sign out and return to the main site. If in an editor, creating, then no.

If you just follow the links above, directly in your browser, not using the links in AI2, do you get the web pages?

I do. I like to hit the "help" section while coding. About works, but nothing down to and including "report an issue"

Library, Extensions, Tutorials, Troubleshooting and Forums not working. No notice, no action whatsoever

Odd, all working OK here. There is an issue with the splash screen, caused by Chrome/Firefox updates, but not seeing any problems with the other links.

Which Browser?

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Chrome, on both my Windows laptop and Chromebook. Splash screens works nicely.

Several weeks ago I an issue logging in with the orange button, which i have used for almost 3 years. It seems my buttons are slowly dissipating

what is the version of chrome? if it is chrome 100 it may break some sites.

I am running at Chromium 100.0.4896.60, no issues with MIT links


i guess the op has to reinstall the browser

I will look for updates and reinstall a bunch of stuff.
Thanks again fellers.

Updated to 100.0.4896.60

No difference. Will have to back out of app and get info another way for now

What browser extensions are you using?