Menu or icons working over other apps?

Hello. I am so new to both App Inventor and this community, but I tried for two days to solve my problem by myself but could do nothing, so I am asking right now.

What I want to make is an Automatic clicker app, which does automatic click or scroll on a certain position over main menu of the phone or other apps.

However, I could not find any block that makes a component(image, menu or others) to run even when the app is not running on the screen and other apps are turned on the screen.

The most similar thing with what I am looking for seems to be "Timeralwaysfires" block from clock category. However, I do not want to make a timer app and I cannot find any block that allows other components to be functional similarly.

Is this function on the basic UI of App Inventor? Or is there such extension? Or am I looking for something impossible? Thank you.

Yes there is an extension.

... It is worth describing your project to the Extension Author, to be sure it can deliver on your requirements.

Thank you so much for your quick answers!

i wanted to go on this link but it did not exist

it is probably an old link.

It is. That extension is now obsolete.

Try here instead:

i wanted to know if there is an extension to show popups when the app is closed. i wanted to make an application where others of my family and me can make votes and respond. it should send a notification in the background. i think i know how to do that. but there also should be a feature that i'm calling important vote. it should open a popup window even outside of the app saying that there is a new vote called "something". do you want to vote? but i don't know how to do that.