Menu de.ullisroboterseite.ursai2popup.aix - problem

I'm trying to use the de.ullisroboterseite.ursai2popup.aix extension to create the menu, but I'm getting an error:
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.view.View' on a null object reference.
Does anyone have any advice?



Have you tested the example project provided with the extension. This works OK with a file from assets. You can also check the content to ensure you have the correct syntax.

Companion or APK?
If Companion, remove the Companion folder from the ASD (of your test device):
and try again.

If that doesn't work either, build the APK and try.

Ufff ... I deleted the address book from my mobile ... And it stopped working Al companion ... The error message just flashes... but I think it concerns the TaifunTextBox1 extension...

You have to reload / connect Companion.

Does the APK work?

Hello. Unfortunately, even when I made the apk it turned out the same. It falls on the error: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.view.View' on a null object reference.
If I try through Al Companion my older applications that worked for me without problems, now they don't work. It must have gone wrong by canceling that directory in my mobile.
Is there no workaround yet? For example any android emulator on Win10, No experience with it?

I will ask again, did you test the example aia project provided with the extension ?

On which Android version did you test the APK? Did you only use this extension or also other extensions/components?
Post the aia or a small test aia that reproduces the problem.

Example PopupTest via Al Companion does not work, but as an apk it works.

Aside from advising of your android version, confirm that your companion is up to date, it should be 2.63 or 2.63u...


Android 8.0.0

Yes, but are you using companion 2.63/2.63u ?



I checked the test app (PopupTest.aia) on Android 8.x (Android 8 and 8.1.0) without any issues (Companion & APK).

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Upload this APK to Google Drive and post the link.

Via Al Companion ???


I have 6 items in MenuItem.
URSAI2Pop assumes only 5 menu items.
Is it possible to arrange the 6th item somehow?

You can have as many menu items as you like.

Use the anyItem block for items beyond 5 (or for all items)

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