Memory Game and Adding Photos

My students are building a memory card game. They used a tutorial to create the card game but now they want to add an option to add photos to the backs of the cards with the camera from the phone.
They know how to add photos to the app from the Photo Booth tutorial but they aren’t sure how to add photos to the backs of the cards from the camera.


OK, which tutorial shows the memory game. What needs to be done is to replace the image on the backs of the cards with a photo. Depending on the source of the card image(s) that may or may not be possible.

Swapping the existing back for another image depends on several things:

  • knowing how to take a photo and save it

  • resizing the photo dimensions to the size of the card back

  • setting the photo to the card back. Might be easy. Can the photo they take be saved and manipulated outside of the Android device; if so place the photo in Media. Or, must the card back come directly from the app (take photo and card back changes immediately) using something similar to the Photo Booth advice.

What no one here knows is what the student's memory game looks like etc. You guys might post an image of your Blocks and/or an aia of your progress so far here in the Forum. Then, someone might be able to provide specific advice.

This might get you started …