Media control in the lock screen?

Good evening,
I need your help, please. I done an app to listen radio stations, it works very well with Taifun ignore battery optimitazions extension. Now I'd like to show a media player control in the lock screen. Do you know if is it possible?
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Have you tried to do this with a notification?

A notification? I'm sorry, but I don´t understand you, sadly, I'm not an expert... :frowning_face:
What I want is to show a control media player with icons, similar to the one you can see in the picture image

Notification extension. Displays the control buttons as a notification. Notifications appear on the lock screen. So it should give you the effect you want.

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But, it works in MIT App inventor? I'm see that is a Kodular extension.

You have to test. Make yourself a simple application with a simple interface for testing, or check out the example application that is posted there. Nobody will do it for you. You will not achieve your goal without this or a similar extension. Or you can look for a different extension on this page.

This extensions does notifications too, but it probably doesn't have buttons.

I'll try it.
Thank you very much for your help.