Meaning of this symbol

can someone tell me how I can get the cross, see fig circled in red
I think it's a button but the + doesn't come with it


What happens if you click on + ?

I don't know what's behind the plus I only have a picture of it and a block picture

Have you clicked on plus (+) to expand it and see what you have in that arrangement ?

Now I see it is not your project :slight_smile: Most probably in that Horizontal arrangement there is the Disconnect Button

these are the 2 pictures i have and i want to try to program this now

This indicates that you have placed components inside that particular arrangement.

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Is this necessary or is this just for the layout of the screen

@Erwin_Meyvaert See this video and you will get to know how this + icon is created and what is it's use

It is not that difficult to replicate layout but it is not as much importand as the code. You can modify design but if you want the app to have the same functions then you should follow the code

Here is how I started to replicate design

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I'm sorry but I don't see anything of the video it's 1 sec long

The + Button is only shown when you minimize something in the Components panel. For this, you will need an element inside of a Block element such as a Layout.

To minimize the view, click the - Button next to the Block component. After you do that, the components under it will be hidden, and the - turns to a +.