mbot bluetooth connection

Hello, I am new to this forum and thank you for your help.
I am using an android phone to drive a mbot version1 robot.
With the old appinventor extension for mbot I could connect to the robot. I now want to drive a servo motor, so I use a new extension but I can't connect to the robot anymore.
Can you help me ? THANKS


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Thank you Kevinkun for your response, the message has been edited

I finally found the answer to my question and I'm sharing it with you. It's only the 2.04 extension that works with an mbot not initially associated. The association is done automatically when launching the connection.

Not long ago someone already asked about mbot. The new mbot2 uses a different communication module. Old mbot is bluetooth classic. The new mbot2 is bluetooth LE. The authors of mbot did not make an extension for the new version of mbot.

Thank you for that answer

I am currently having connection problems with my mBot 1, can you send me your aia file so that I can compare your version and mine please ? Thanks in advance.

Read this topic:

I have already read this conversation and it doesn't allow me to find the solution because the person uses an Mbot 2 while I have an mBot 1 and I still encounter a Bluetooth connection problem since the change of certificate from Android dating from February 2023.
The mBot's Core board connects well with the phone without adding a bluetooth LE element but it no longer controls the motors and no longer receives information from the sensors.
So I'm looking for a program that works to figure out what's missing in mine.

The latest version of the mbot extension is 2.0.4. If this extension allows you to connect to the mbot, but does not receive data and does not allow you to control it, then it is rather a problem with the extension, or you are using it incorrectly.