Maximum Values Allowed in List

I am thinking about using this program to create a dynamic database that allows users to store a collection of Football players and the information associated with them (name, height, weight, and number). Is there a maximum amount of values I can store in a list?

No limit for this type of application, even if you were to try to teach an ant colony to play.

Just be careful to avoid entering all your data as text blocks, so you don't jam up the Blocks Editor.

The new Dictionary feature would be good for this, if you were to store a dictionary of attribute types and values for each player.

Each player could be kept in a TinyDB tag for that player name,
or under a tag in a master dictionary of players and their attributes, which you would have to store after each update into Tinydb or a file.


A simple answer is your list of football players and information size probably will store fine in a TinyDB or an on line database (Google spreadsheet on GoogleDrive, CloudDB, FirebaseDB etc.)

This article by the developers discusses part of your question!msg/mitappinventortest/AX1gPrAcuvY/d152ciI2n-kJ;context-place=category-topic/mitappinventortest/jkNvJtZIRdw . Ultimately, the storage memory available on any particular device is another factor.

In Lyn’s experiments, he experienced a crash at 8,388,608 characters stored. That red line is probably partly limited by his device’s cpu/memory etc. There certainly is a practical limit…the larger the database, the more slowly the app will retrieve information.

This article indicates a maximum size of about 5 Mb due to once upon a time Project sizes with AI is possible. That might now be as much as 10 Mb. Other articles indicate such databases are unwieldy and SLOW.


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