Matlab to App Inventor

  1. Can I transfer the data processed by matlab to the app through Bluetooth connection?

  2. If it doesn't work, can I filter the data in the app inventory?

Hello Bichon - welcome to the forum


You mean if Matlab fails to filter the data, can you filter it in you App? We need to see a sample of the data and need to know how you wish it to be filtered.

Thank you for your answer and I'm happy to hear that it can move the filtered data to app inventor!

Filtering the data in matlab is already completed. I meant if transfer is impossible I want to deal with the raw data in app inventory without matlab program.

I wanna display some graphs about filtered bio-signals...

Can I ask you one more question..?
I'm wondering how i should transfer the data from matlab by bluetooth.
Is it essential to purchase a bluetooth toolbox provided from matlab? or is there another method?

It depends where MatLab is. On a Windows PC? Windows supports Bluetooth:

It also depends on how heavy the data is - is this a one-off action? If so, you can transfer the data file via a USB cable.