Maths quiz app, getting bug

I am making an app which would take tests based on the settings by user. Apart from all of this I am getting some kind of bug in my app. Each question should wait for 5s until the answer is not chosen by user that can be correct or incorrect. I am getting this bug in the testScreen of my app. The first question loads without any problem, but then problems start. Please help me.

AIA file: buggy_Math_reminder.aia (1.4 MB)

Please show your relevant blocks....




These are all the relevant blocks, which I think the bug might be

generateQuestion procedure ?

Also, this might cause a problem:


But that only happens if you choose the other option when the screen is initalised

I changed the listview component to 4 buttons. Now everything's working fine. Most probably this was because of the set listview.selection to property which can't be set as empty.


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