Maths Quadratic Equations generator

I need quadratic equations generator of it and if possible also a game for it so I can get a idea for making it.

Maybe something like this:


What do you want to do with the quadratic equations?

  • factor them?
  • plot them?
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I am creating a game of quadratic equations where I need to randomize the qudratic equation generated and when the user starts the game options appear and they need to click the right answer from the 4 options

That's exactly what my test app does. The coefficients (a, b, c) here are randomly selected as integers from -10 to +10. But this could be easily adjusted.


And there is also no problem to get rid of this:



I need aia file why is it aix its not supporting my mit app inventor

got it it extention but if possible can you also provide me the aia file so that I can check with the code of yor program