Mathematic equation without specific values

is there exist to form to define a mathematic equation without specific numeric values.?

Can you be more specific about what you want to achieve?

What about variables? Or you can define a procedure to return the value.

yes . an example a= mx + b . i will to get the value from values changing in time real in the variable m , x and b because my system get the values from interaction movements and dynamic system. not from static system.

You can use variables instead of static numbers in math blocks, then populate the variables dynamically, and then perform math operations on those variables. You will have to define all mathematical operations yourself, e.g. in some procedure.

Your data is a list of lists of 3 values??

but if i define the values in math blocks and next use the global variable o local variable to update the values. is this only one solution about this?. its limited the matematical blocks for need numeric values for work?. maybe can define the value "0" to every variable for update when the process active the dynamic change of the values in the variables?

Almost anything is possible with your imagination. In order to give you an example, you would have to give more details about what data you receive and how you receive it. And where do you put the result. The data comes from firebase, csv lists or maybe from the BT module?

from csv file

Simple example:

csvtest.aia (2.5 KB)

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