Math functions for each item in lists

Hello everyone! I need your help! I am trying to make an app that user adds several boxes with numbers ( the textboxes have no limit). These boxes are going to a list and give the user the total amount. What i am trying to do is for user to give a different desired total amount and do the "rule of three" for each item on the list.

Give us a sample with 5 boxes.

If the number of textboxes required is unknown, then you will need to use a dynamic component extension in order to create them on the fly....


What i want to do the rule of three for each box and put it on the right side

Use the paint program to show what numbers feed into which parts of the rule of three formula, and how you want it to appear on the screen.

I still don't understand what you are asking for.

I want to appear that in a list on the right side

See here for how you might do this with aligned listviews...

I wish there was a storyboarding tool for use in cases like this, to help the OP explain what he wants his app to do in more detail, step by step.

In the primeval days of the first spreadsheet, the developer of that first spreadsheet also released a storyboarding tool. The names of the developer and his tools are lost in the mists of time.