Math blocks, rounding numbers

How to get rid of rounding numbers with> 5 decimal places?
The number 0.00000712, rounded during the calculation operation to 0.00001.

Try this:

But then you get unnecessary 0 when rounding.
How to drop them?

For this case, I want to get 0.1234567 at the output.


When calculating, you need to get:
0.001 / 2 = 0.0005 (places 4)
0.00001 / 2 = 0.000005 (places 6)

… and where is the problem?

if during calculation the answer is 0.1234 (then display 0.1234).
if during calculation the answer is 0.1234567 (then display 0.1234567).
if during the calculation the answer is 5 (then display 5, not 5.0000).
“0” at the end do not display

I have to think about it, but it seems not to be as easy as expected, because you don’t get the correct lenght of the result:


But I have less time at the moment, maybe some one other have a look at it.

Crazy and ugly…

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What a bother to do, hats off !

Better - draggable procedure

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OK. Thank !