Math block: "min/max" of a list of values

I don't really understand the sense of those functions "min"/"max" from the math blocks. For finally only a few values its use is possible. But what if you want to determine the maximum of 1000 values? I don't know how to use it then if I don't want to write a seperate function that can do this. Those functions do not accept a list but only single values, each of them separately plugged in.

Who can help me?

So how hard was that?


Oh, that's good solutions! Thank you very much for this elegant alternative - incorporating the "min" into a loop. Actually I should have found that way by myself after having wondered about its senseful use for a long time.
(In the JS description/reference there is the "..." spread operator but this doesn't work in AI.)

I forgot to mention, if you have 1000 values, you might consider SQL.
There are workable SQLite extensions for AI2.

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You can get the maximum, minimum, order ... using JavaScript, check these websites:

In this example, 9 non-repeating random numbers of 50 eligible are generated, using an extension, we get the numbers in a string separated by commas.

[If you get the numbers from a list, you can pass the list to a comma separated string using the block: join items using separator ,]

I use two methods:


gobal random

".split(",").sort(function(a,b) { return b - a; }).toString());



gobal random


p162_javascript_mayor_2.aia (8.9 KB)

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Yes, very interesting. Muchas gracias, Juan Antonio, for posting these options. Apart from this, during the last months I intensively delt with JS/HTML that I had only rudimentary knowledge of before. Now I understand what happens if a page is loaded from AI (was hard work for me to analyse it) and how to write to the page's script. I found some ways for a comfortable use of the "RunJavaScript"-block as well as I created, to my opinion, an interesting routine to edit tables created in AI but edited using the WebView-component. I'm going to prepare them for further publishing here.

I don't understand what is Visorweb1 and how you insert it in the project

"VisorWeb1" is "WebViewer1", I have changed it here:

p162i_javascript_mayor_2.aia (8.8 KB)


Thank you Antonio