Marketing app with firebase

Hi, Im having issues with my app it worked find a a simple app with screens then i modified it to connect with fire base and it stops whe n i try to start the app, someone help please!

With just those blocks, i cannot see anything specifically wrong, although I am guessing it is the call to open the native browser that is causing the crash.

  1. Why use the native browser when you could use the webviewer ?
  2. Why store as a string when you could store as a list?
  3. What Firebase are you using, the MIT or your own project?
  4. If the latter, are you using a US server for firebase, and correctly setup? (run a test store / get value) new at programing i really dont know the diference between native browser and using web viewer
2. whats the diference

4. I used mit ai2 companion and values are stored en the data base

Remove the 3 activityStarter blocks from your button event and test. Does the app still crash/close ?

Regarding the webviewer

what do you recomend insted of the activity starter, Im usinfg the activity starter a whatsapp chat for a certain item

the app still crashes, the app before conecting firebase worked correctly and now it doesnt even open

I am guessing you have multiple screens....

What is happening on Screen1 when you start the app ?

You may be able to use a webviewer inside your app for this...

Also, it appears your Firebase connection is working if you have been able to store data.