Maps: Users adding markers into cloud db for all other users to see

Hello, I haven't started the blocks yet. I just want to know if it is possible for users to add their own markers in the maps with descriptions, such that other users can also see the markers placed by the other users who posted them.

If so, how?

As long as you have at least one design time marker in place on your map, you will be able to add runtime markers based upon user actions. These runtime markers can be added to a list, and therefore saved to a cloudDB tag.

Yes. Using a limited number of design time should not be difficult; using run time Markers is significantly difficult based on my experience. Some hints/suggestions:

  • use a Tag for each user
  • all users post to the same map is simple
    -separate maps requires creativity and add complexity depending on what you mean by 'separate maps'; a real time location or a static location where someone describes a point of interest or possibly for geocaching

what have you tried?

An example using design time Markers could be made by adapting Social Distancing ... a CloudDB / Location Marker Tutorial . It has space for four users and might be adapted to your purposes for at least a dozen markers or maybe a lot more.

Hello, thank you for the tutorial, it's really amazing. However, what I need is pretty simple, it won't need users' locations. I just need users to be able to post markers on the map and add descriptions for other users to see.

I haven't started on it yet, but do you have any idea how to do this?