Mapmarker static in center of map and moving map under it


I searched the forum for an answer but could not find the solution.

I am trying to use a marker on a map and getting the coordinates. But i dont want to use
the regular marker drag and drop method. I want the marker to stay in the center of the mapview
window and scroll the map to let the marker point at a location. After that i want the location where the
marker is pointing at. Im have tried using the Map.BoundsChange routine, but for some reason this
does not see the map is scrolling.

Please can some smart person point me in the right direction to make this possible ( if it is possible at
all ??)

Thanks a Lot. !


Works for me....


staticMarker.aia (2.0 KB)

Hello TIMAI2,

After testing your aia file and importing in my app it now for some reason
works ?? Maybe closing mit and companion completely and restarting did the trick.

Thanks a lot for your time !!!

Have a great day.



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