Map with USB connection

Is there anyway of using the map feature with the USB connection?

You mean the MIT Map Control or using the Web control and the Google Static Map api?

  • Use the USB with a real Android and the LocationSensor and the MIT map control or use a Web control and dthe Static Map api if you have a Google key.
  • Use with an emulator is problematical. If you only use the Map, some emulators will emulate and display a map; if you attempt to use the LocationSensor in that app, you will have an issue because most emulators do not have gps hardware.
  • while these might not display a map in Design mode my guess is that if you create the apk based on what you design (even though the OSM map tiles do not display), the app will work and tiles should display in the app. Try and let us know. :slight_smile: As Evan indicates below, you won't get a display on your device or emulator if you use a USB App Inventor connection

I'm referring to the Map component.

The Map component retrieves the tiles from OpenStreetMap or the United States Geological Survey, depending on the tile layer selected. These are done over whichever network interface is primary on the device in question. If your device doesn't have an active network connection, then it will be unable to retrieve any tiles from the aforementioned services. It may be possible to route your network requests via your computer using the USB cable, but that requires additional configuration outside the scope of this forum.

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