Map 'ShowUser' not displaying on handset

Afternoon all,

I can’t for the life of me get the map to ‘ShowUser’. It works fine on the app inventor but fails to display on the handset. Any idea if it’s a glitch or am i doing something wrong…?


Have you got the location sensor turns on and selected?

Using the Location Sensor

Yes, the map is centering on the correct (my) location. Just not display the cross circle thing… sorry not sure what it’s called…

The ShowLocation is part of the Map component, not the LocationSensor tool.

When you use the LocationSensor, without the Map component, you need to provide a Marker to show the device's present location and appropriate code. You did not provide an image of your device screen map or your Project code so one can only guess. Yes, you are probably doing something wrong Dave.

Show some blocks and an image showing what you are talking about and someone can help.


Are you testing outside?

I have just setup a simple example, and the map component shows me a “little orange man”, when I am outside (using companion)

Thanks guys, got it sorted, on the properties of map1 i’d missed adding the location sensor. All working as i’d expect now.

Thank you!

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