Map loses three utilities for manipulating its boundaries on app

Hi,I used map component, but map loses three utilities for manipulating its boundaries and compass(already checked attribute of showcompass)on app, Could you help me?

Previous app run on Android 9 and emulator.

Welcome Shnmingli.

What 'utilities' are you having difficulty with? Everything appears to be working here on Android 8.1 and Android 11 and the emulator.

The compass does not work on all Android versions. What Android are you using that does not display the compass? Is the compass displaying but not working or just not displaying?

If you provide more information, certainly. We need a better explanation of the problem. What Blocks are missing or not working. Please post an image of your Blocks and / or an aia of the Project.

my_map01.aia (1.8 KB)

  1. Map can not display three utilities for manipulating its boundaries on screen1.
  2. The compass can not display on screen1.
  3. I post two images on the emulator and Android 9,and post the project.

Try this:

my_map01_revised.aia (1.2 KB)

I add the Location sensor component

Selected all the options required in the designer screen, including setting centre from string coordinates.

All the options work for me: Pan, Rotate, Zoom, ShowUser, Compass (Pixel4A, Android 12)

(User will only show if the location sensor is operative (probably not in the Emulator) and the device is within the map being displayed)

The compass will not display unless your Android has Compass or Magnetometer hardware.
The emulator will not display the compass; It is necessary to have Android 5+ to use the compass and to have a magnetometer. The emulator is < 5. What you see on emulator is what you should expect.

The emulator will never ShowUser; Android level is too low and it does not have gps hardware emulation.

Your app works fine on my Android 11. I expect your Android 9 does not have a magnetometer, so no compass.

As Tim mentioned, users need to have a LocationSensor linked to the Map component; see the code required in lime green.

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The app can display the compass on my daughter's Android 11.
Thanks for your help.

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