Map Geojson Features - No MultiPoint?

Hi there, I’m trying to import markers and other features from geojson file to the map.
Markers work, Lines work, Polygones work - but no Multimarker Feature

Here the dummy .json file with different kinds of features - for background information see also

“type”: “FeatureCollection”,
“features”: [

 "properties": {"name": "Linestring"}},

{ "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [
[[12.5, 50], [15, 45], [13, 45], [10, 45], [12.5, 50]]]},
   "properties": {"name": "Polygon"}},

{"type": "Feature","geometry": 
{"type": "Point","coordinates": [15, 50]},
 "properties": {"name": "Marker"}},

  "properties": {"name": "Multipoint"}}


imported in the app it looks like this:

on it shows all features:

I didn’t find any deeper description to the geojson implementation whats supported and might need a different syntax?

Best Michael

Multipoint is not available in the Map control Michael. You need to plot those features manually as Markers. Multipoint will not automatically render in the Map control. There is no control to handle Multipoint (at least at the moment).


Thank you Steve, expected this… but nontheless it was a good exercise with geojson :wink:

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